Much Faster than Monte Carlo and Ensembles

Run your unmodified applications and see how results are affected by the nuances of real-world data. The Signaloid Compute Engine is the fastest path to market today for quantifying the uncertainty of the results from any production software workload. Our solution is a faster path to deployment than implementing Monte Carlo methods or ensembles of AI models. And, running in deployment, our solution is orders of magnitude faster than the alternatives.

Easily Runs Your Existing Unmodified Software

Gain insights of uncertainty quantification (UQ) directly from your unmodified legacy codebases. Using the Signaloid Compute Engine, you simply run your existing UQ-unaware code, get UQ automatically, and it runs orders of magnitude faster than any competing method. Signaloid makes it possible, for the first time, to deploy real-time applications that would traditionally require time-consuming Monte Carlo evaluation.

Address Regulations on Data-Driven Systems

Test your existing codebases or develop new uncertainty-adaptive software today, using the Signaloid Cloud Developer Platform. Leapfrog your competition in creating explainable and trustworthy data-driven systems.


Use the Signaloid Compute Engine to deploy your unmodified legacy applications or build new applications and services. For Enterprise customers, we offer on-premises and edge-hardware variants of the Signaloid Compute Engine. Are you a developer? Start using the Signaloid Compute Engine for free today, by signing up for the Signaloid Cloud Developer Platform.