Our Purpose

To make data-driven decisions effective for widespread use in society, by enabling computations which transform doubts into information.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with an easy-to-adopt computing platform which continuously analyzes the doubtfulness of data values in software and hardware.

Our Approach

To focus on a cloud-based deployment of our computing platform, augmenting it with hardware acceleration where needed.

Our Actions Are Our Culture


We value respect in everything we do at Signaloid, from the behaviors of the products we create, to our interactions with colleagues and customers. We create products that respect our customers’ time and which are honest in the way they work.


We value quality in everything we do at Signaloid. Quality is our watchword and is the window through which our customers see our products. With our limited time on earth, we want to create a legacy beautiful in both form and function.


We value grit in everything we do at Signaloid. We do not give up on hard problems easily. We believe the road to impact is hard and lonely. We persevere in creating the future we want to live in.